Subsurface Insights staff has taught courses at a variety of levels in universities and industry. We are available to provide these courses on a variety of topics related to general geophysics and specifically near surface and environmental geophysics. If course components require expertise outside of our area we can provide this using colleagues from academia or industry. Courses are typically given on site at a client specified location, and generally range from one day to a week. Contact us to discuss your needs

A non comprehensive listing of course offerings includes:

Overview courses

These courses provide a general overview of geophysics as used for different applications. Each course discusses basic geophysical principles, instrumentation and data processing, as well as the results of different case studies. Courses can be provided for different application areas, including (but not limited to) geophysical mapping of contaminants, geophysics for monitoring purposes and geophysics as applied to water resources and civil engineering needs.

Method courses

These courses provide an in depth overview (including theory, instrumentation and case studies) of a specific geophysical method. The level of the course and the case studies discussed can be tailored to client needs. Courses are available for seismic, electrical, electromagnetic and magnetic methods.

Geophysical Processing and Inversion

This course discusses geophysical processing (including inversion). It can be taught at both an introductory level (where it will provide a good overview of the basic concepts, strengths and limitations of geophysical inversion), as well as at a more advanced level, which discusses the mathematical and numerical aspects of inversion as well as such topics as coupled or joint inversion.

Electrical geophysical monitoring

This course provides a comprehensive overview of all the different aspects of electrical geophysical monitoring, including data acquisition, data management, data processing and result interpretation