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US Federal agencies and national laboratories with electrical geophysics efforts

On line material and courses on electrical geophysics

Instrument vendors

Data processing Resources

Once electrical geophysical data is collected it needs to be processed. End users of electrical geophysics are encouraged to have an understanding of what is involved in data processing (see e.g. the Subsurface Insights primer on electrical geophysics for a general introduction on electrical geophysics which also discusses processing at a very basic level). In general, writing software for electrical resistivity data processing from scratch does not make sense except for a very small group of specialists. So, currently users have two options

  • Purchase and use commercial software (some of which is available for free with limited functionality). There are different packages available, with costs ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand US dollars.
  • Download and use free software. This software typically has been developed by academic groups (in many cases by a single person). Note that the conditions under which this software is available can differ - some codes have no restrictions, whereas other codes are only free for non commercial efforts. Also note that documentation for these codes and support for these codes will vary.
The list below provides links to different codes. The user still will have to do his own evaluation of suitability of different codes and no guarantees or recommendations are given as to suitability.

Journals containing articles on electrical geophysics

Introductory geophysics textbooks at Amazon

Miscellaneous resources

Links to borehole geophysics

There is a sub discipline in geophysics which concerns itself with geophysical measurements made in boreholes using a sensor which moves up and down the borehole. The initial application of borehole geophysics was for oil and gas exploration (and the oil and gas sector still accounts for a large percentage of borehole geophysical efforts), but borehole geophysics is increasingly used for other other application areas. Electrical logging is one of the primary borehole geophysical methods. The links below point to several sites which discuss borehole geophysics in general as well as electrical logging in more detail.