About Us

Subsurface Insights, LLC is a geophysical research and development company headquartered in Hanover, NH with employees located in New Hampshire, Idaho, South Dakota, Massachusetts and Alabama. Subsurface Insights was founded in 2012 by Dr. Roelof Versteeg.

Roelof previously held positions at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University), the Department of Energy Idaho National Laboratory and private industry. Subsurface Insights specializes in developing, enhancing, commercializing and applying software and hardware for autonomous site monitoring.

Our capabilities are developed through a combination of government and industry funded research and development efforts, long and short term consulting efforts, collaborative research agreements and project support for US and European government agencies and private companies.

Subsurface Insights has active collaborations with multiple research groups in academia, national laboratories and industry, and welcomes all inquiries for both projects and collaborative efforts.

Subsurface Insights meets the FAR definition of a small business and is well set up for assisting prime contractors in successfully completing government contracts which call for the expertise provided by Subsurface Insights. Subsurface Insights staff has done work for multiple government agencies including DoD, DOE, EPA, NSF and the USGS. Subsurface Insights is located in a hub zone.