Timelapse Electrical Resistivity Primer

The free Timelapse Electrical Resistivity primer provides an introduction into the why, what and how of timelapse electrical geophysics.

This primer is targeted at non geophysicists who have an interest in what timelapse electrical geophysics is and whether it possibly could help them in their efforts. This can include hydrologists, remediation professionals, agricultural scientists, water resource professionals, and in general anyone who wants to know what is happening in the subsurface and is interested in finding about timelapse electrical geophysics. No prerequisites should be needed to understand the material discussed in this primer.

This primer was motivated by the growing number of non geophysicists who are interested in using timelapse electrical geophysics (also known as 4D electrical resistivity, 4D ERT and time-lapse resistivity) and who want to gain an understanding of this technology.

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